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Believe in Blue – we do

By DPF Admin10th February 2016August 6th, 2019Area Updates, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

A new campaign from the Police Federation of England and Wales is set to relaunch British policing and highlight just why it’s the best in the world.

The campaign will showcase the demands upon police and the many roles they carry out in society, not just tackling crime, and aims to get the public on board to back officers and show support for the work they do.

It will also highlight the many positive instances where officers have gone above and beyond their duties, with stories of brave acts among everyday situations.

When officers start a shift they never know what they will be dealing with – from routine enquiries and community engagement to dealing with life-or-death situations. Throw into the mix the chance of being physically or verbally assaulted, together with increasing demands and tougher working conditions, and it’s easy to see why morale is low and the job can often feel thankless.

Most trusted public services

But the vast majority of the British public does appreciate the police service and the work officers do, with 68 per cent of people saying they ‘generally trusted’ the police in a recent IpsosMORI survey. In fact, the police are one of the most trusted public services in Great Britain and score substantially higher in the popularity stakes than politicians and journalists.

Part of the aim of the campaign is to get the public’s general covert support to an overt support and getting them to pledge to Believe in Blue, engendering greater support from the public, press and politicians.

Will Riches, PFEW Vice-chair and campaign lead, explained: “Being a police officer is undoubtedly one of the toughest jobs around; much more than a job, it’s a way of life. The ‘morale’ survey last year showed that many officers aren’t happy and want to leave. We are doing all we can to try to make things better, striving to improve working conditions and protect the further decimation of the service.

“This campaign lets us share positive stories and talk about the many acts of heroism and fortitude which largely go unmentioned. The vast majority of the British public are behind their police officers and we are asking them to support us as we continue to be a strong, united and credible voice of policing in England and Wales.”

What you can do:

Help spread the Believe in Blue message – please share the campaign within your colleagues, friends and family.

Visit and tell your stories.

Look out for Facebook and Twitter starting in March #believeinblue

To help get the message across to the public, PFEW have also produced a series of short films which will be coming to a cinema near you so get your popcorn ready!

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