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Change to Terms & Conditions of Service for New Entrants – UPDATE #1

By DPF Admin12th February 2014Latest News

This is provided as an update from our article published on the 10th February 2014.

The National Chairman and the General Secretary of the DPF met with the official sides representatives this afternoon and had detailed and robust discussions on the proposed Terms and Conditions for New Entrants, including transferees and new recruits.

These predominantly centered around the official sides reluctance to engage with the DPF and their failure to abide by the agreements we have, setting out the process of employee relations.

The National Chairman was quite clear that the Department and the Force needed to engage properly with the Federation on matters concerning parity.  There are elements of the new Statements of Particulars, for both transferees and new recruits, which do not directly meet the need to negotiate, however the alteration in pay and hours, directly affected the parity agreement which we have and as such the National Chairman was clear, failure to address these elements, specifically the increase in hours and reduction in annual leave / pay as a result, would leave us in the position that we would seek independent arbitration or a judicial review of their decision.

We had also, prior to the meeting been served with documents outlining the Statement of Particulars for New Recruits.

In relation to this [new recruits] we were able to highlight that the calculation for basic pay was incorrect and that in fact an new recruit should start on no less that £18050, not the £17559 advertised, as this clearly breached the 95% parity. An increase of nearly £500.

As a result of the meeting we have been informed that the official side, although not accepting our sides interpretation of the regulations, are to review their position in relation to pay and hours and return to the Federation with a revised SOR, for both the transferees and new recruits.  They also stated they would examine their website in relation to starting pay for new recruits.

We will update further when we receive the revised documents.

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