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Knowing Me, Knowing You: What Updating Your Personal Information On HRMS Means For You

By DPF Admin8th February 2017August 6th, 2019Area Updates, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

You may have noticed or been made aware that you are being asked to update your personal information on HRMS. Senior leaders have blogged about this, explaining the importance of recording your personal information. 

Recording your information enables Defence to design its people policies around you, tooled with accurate understanding of who makes up our workforce.

“We need to know the makeup of our workforce in order to be able to develop policies and processes that meet the needs of everyone,” says Lt Gen Richard Nugee, Chief of Defence People.

“For example, we can take action to ensure the right support is provided for disabled staff and that flexible working policies are developed which meet the differing personal circumstances of our people.

“By recording information such as your gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and any disability you may have, you will also help us to understand whether Defence is becoming more diverse, and what further action we need to take to enable us to become a more inclusive organisation. Accurate data will, for example, enable us to monitor whether existing policies and processes, such as the performance management system, are being applied without bias.”

We appreciate that sometimes this can be one of those tasks that we are guilty of leaving at the bottom of our ‘to-do list’. Some of us may also worry about what will happen to the data we provide.

Please be assured that the information you provide is strictly private and confidential, and cannot be traced back to an individual, nor can it be viewed by your line manager or anyone in your management chain. The data is only used in aggregate form to better understand the makeup of our workforce. In the case of disabled staff, or those who require reasonable adjustments, you will be asked for your agreement to inform your line manager of your requirement for that purpose only; but you can choose whether you want that information to be shared in this way.

HRMS has recently been amended to make it easier for you to input your personal data on the diversity pages.

The diversity links on the ESS Personal Information Home Page for Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation and Religion are now on one page, while Disability will continue to be maintained on a separate page because of the volume of its options. A gender field has also been inserted. Once any change has been made by staff the updated information is easily saved with one click.

Alison Stevenson, MOD Gender Champion, says:

“There’s a very simple reason for making these changes, and that’s the desire to build a more inclusive workplace. We want to make sure that colleagues are no longer asked to put themselves into binary boxes that they consider inappropriate.

“I’m not going to pretend that this is going to deliver inclusion at a stroke, but we can build from here. I hope that we will begin with colleagues who can feel more welcomed, and more willing to share their identity confidentially. At the same time we can show our future workforce that we are trying to learn and trying to change.

“Ultimately, we’re putting ourselves on the path to a workplace where people can openly identify and express across the spectrum, and bring their best and truest selves to work, for the benefit of our working culture, and our shared national security.”

Changing your details will only take two minutes of your time and a quick guide for updating your details can be found under Related Documents.

For more information about HRMS, contact DBS via the Civilian HR People Portal (see Related People)

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