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By DPF Admin8th July 2015August 6th, 2019Area Updates, Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

To All Members

08th July 2015

Circular 25/15

Today we will publish the Departments offer on our Terms & Conditions of Service (TACOS).  Both the Force and the Federation will publish these documents.

This is such a fundamental issue and of such importance that the Federation’s National Executive have committed to balloting our membership on this offer and whether or not you wish to accept it.

It is intended to commence the ballot on or about the 13 July 15. The ballot will be open for 28 days allowing members time to consider the offer, the effect on yourself and whether the offer is credible going forward.

We will set out the impact of each element of the offer and how it could affect members, so you are strongly encouraged to consider this offer fully before casting your vote.

The ballot will be conducted by electronic means via the DPF web-site

Over the last 2 weeks members have been encouraged to log on

and register on the website and to update their records if already registered. If you have not yet registered you are strongly urged to do so.

Postal Vote

Whilst you are urged to use the web-site to vote, we are cognisant that a small number of our members do not have the means to cast an electronic vote.

Should you wish to participate in the forthcoming TACOS ballot and require a postal vote you are requested to contact DPF HQ staff on 020-7218-9817 (Mon-Fri 09-00 -17-00 hours) and request that a ballot paper be sent to your home address. 

As a security measure staff will ask you a security question taken from our database. You will also be asked to confirm your full name, station and Home Address.

Applications for postal votes will close on the 17 July 15, so that we may be certain as we can be that the ballot paper will reach you. A stamped address envelope will be provided along with the ballot paper. 

Branch reps are requested to draw the content of this circular to the attention of their members including those who may be off sick. Area secretaries are similarly requested to draw this to the attention of those branches who have no DPF rep.

Eamon Keating

National Chairman

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