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Nomination Form for Election to the NEC

By DPF Admin14th March 2014August 6th, 2019Area Updates, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

Nomination Form for Election to the National Executive Committee (NEC)

The form that accompanies this article must be completed by any Branch Representative wishing to stand for election to the NEC. The form has been devised to facilitate election to the NEC in accordance with the Federation Rulebook which was adopted at Annual Conference 2013.


Historically branches of the Federation were organised into geographic areas (Northern, Southern and Midwest) each with their own committee or Joint Branch Board (JBB) elected from the area Branch Representatives by an annual area meeting. This was called the Annual Meeting of Branch Rep's (AMBR). A national overview is provided by the NEC. The NEC comprises of the National Chairman, National Vice Chairman, General Secretary and eight voting members. The eight voting members comprised the three JBB Chairpersons, three independent area members and two members of the Senior Supervisory Grade (SSG) National Advisory Committee (NAC). The supreme authority of the Federation is its annual conference. The delegates to the annual conference were provided by the members of each JBB. The business of the Federation is overseen between conferences by the NEC.

Going Forward

Following the recent reset of the Force footprint and the mandate from the Annual Conference the Federation has been restructured into two geographic areas (Northern and Southern). The AMBR and JBB committees have been swept away. In accordance with the new rulebook the NEC will comprise the National Chairman, National Vice Chairman, General Secretary, the two Area Secretaries, two SSG members and two Branch Rep members from each area. The supreme authority of the Federation remains the Annual Conference. The delegates at that conference will be the Branch Reps from both areas. It has therefore been necessary for the continuation of Federation business that the existing NEC remains in place until conference 2014. At this conference a new NEC will be elected in accordance with the rulebook. Elected NEC members tenure will be for three years that is on the provision that the individual remains an elected Branch Rep. For this conference only the tenure of those elected to the NEC will be decided by the National Chairman at conference. The reason for this is one of continuity and the fact that it is not desirable to have to re-elect the whole NEC en masse every time. This will mean that two of the four elected members will have their tenure set at three years and two members at two years.


In order to be eligible for election to the NEC nominees must fulfill the criteria detailed at the top of the form. They should complete all boxes with the supporting Rep boxes containing details of Branch Reps from the nominee's area only. Nomination forms must be submitted through your Area Secretary to the Conference and Standing Orders Committee (CASOC) Chair no later than 29 April 2014. Failure to meet this deadline will render as null and void any nomination received late. The requirement to meet this deadline is to facilitate the preparation and publication of a list of possible nominees prior to conference.

NOT 3 – NEC Nomination Form

Please click here for full contact details of our Northern Area Secretary – Karen McKeown

Please click here for full contact details of our Southern Area Secretary – Terry Tuplin

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