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Police Oracle publishes letter from DPF Chairman: The Job, Our Health and a Rising Retirement Age

By DPF Admin4th February 2014Latest News

The Police Oracle has published an open letter from Defence Police Federation Chairman, Eamon Keating calling for government to reconsider the pensions and retirement ages of MoD Police.

In the article the DPF Chairman gives an insight into the realities and responsibilities of MoD police officers and how this specifically relates to on-going discussions with parliament relating to pensions and retirement ages.

” Over a 50 year career, an officer might carry their equipment for as many as 12,600 days or 100,800 hours, with an inevitable toll on the body and long-term health.”

“Policing is a physical job and it’s unreasonable to expect anyone to come through that length of career without associated health problems.”

Mr Keating discusses the implications of the current retirement age and the effects this is having on the MoD Police.

“As a result of Parliamentary scrutiny, the MoD was required to review the pensions and retirement ages of MDP officers despite its assertions that officers should not have the same standard retirement age of 60 as Home Office colleagues.”

“The MoD published its review in December and my colleagues and I have been very open in conveying our disappointment at its content. The review concluded there was no correlation between increasing age and either the long-term sickness or the number of sickness days each officer takes. It also suggested that the number of officers retiring because of ill-health decreased with age – implying there was no benefit to giving MDP officers a normal pension age of 60.”

“The common assertion has always been that the MDP doesn’t need a pension age of 60 because our jobs are different to our colleagues in the Home Office. To be fair, they are. But our officers also have to be firearms trained and certified – right up until their retirement. They have to carry their regulated equipment every day and don’t have the option of reverting to a non-firearms role if they are not able to meet those requirements.”

Please click here to read the full published article on the Police Oracle Website

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