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Support to disabled officers impacted by post mapping and surplus management

By DPF Admin7th August 2013Circulars, Latest News

Members are advised that consultation on the station complements is concluded and the next stage in the transition of the Force to the new MDP footprint is Post Mapping. This will not affect every station or department but will nevertheless impact upon a significant number of members.

We are not going to pretend that the forthcoming months will not prove difficult for all affected and DPF will endeavour to provide support to all officers. However, it would appear that this process may have a significantly greater impact on disabled officers as they are more likely to become surplus to requirements. 

Disabled officers have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and the Equality Act gives disabled persons certain rights including the right to ask for and have considered reasonable adjustments; but as the MDP role is to become predominately firearms orientated there will be fewer opportunities for such adjustments especially at smaller complemented stations. Nevertheless, MDP/MOD (in an employability context) is a significant employer and the expectations on them with regard to their obligations under the equality act will be more onerous than those of a small company employing a small number of people. Consequently, a reasonable adjustment may be considered whereby an officer takes up a civilianised post or moves to another department within the wider MoD.

Taking due cognisance of the above there is no doubt that some disabled colleagues may be fearful about for their current role and perhaps about future employment within MDP. This is understandable and DPF consider it necessary to provide specific support to them now rather than await the outcome of Post Mapping. With this in mind, we would ask any disabled colleague who has such concerns to identify themselves to National Officers so that they may receive assistance either directly or via an Area Support Officer. You are therefore asked to submit an enquiry identifying your position and confirming whether or not you currently have an amended contract of employment for restricted duties/reasonable adjustment. Please note that you must be logged in to access the enquiry form.

You can rest assured that all such approaches will be treated in the strictest confidence with discretion fully assured and confidentiality guaranteed.

John Regan
General Secretary

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