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The ballot on the current formal offer, from the Department and the Force, on members Terms & Conditions of Service closed today at midday.

The Chairman of CASOC has informed us that 56% of our membership voted and of those votes 77% voted to reject the Formal Offer.

The vote was:

281 votes to accept the offer

929 votes to reject the offer

I have written to both the Department and the Chief Constable, identifying the position of the membership and seeking immediate reengagement, to allow those areas of contention, Pension, Allowances, parity to be re-examined and a revised offer to be made.

It is hoped that this will occur quickly and that both the Department and the Force understand the weight of feeling, from our membership, of being undervalued and treated unfairly.

Clearly our members feel that this offer is unacceptable on grounds of fairness and on parity, but understand the need to modernise.  

What our members have told us is 'we wish to modernise, but we will not see our pay reduce further than any other police officer in the country and the gap in pay parity increase.'

'We are a professional, armed Force and should be recognised as such in both reputation and conditions. The general feeling, amongst members is that if you wish to hold us to account as police firearms officers and require us to meet all of the necessary levels of training and accountability that this brings, then you should pay us as police firearms officers and give us a realistic pension age.  This is not unreasonable. We will meet the requirements if we are treated fairly'

We will continue to update members as this progresses, but must be clear that none of the proposals, either reductions, additions or alterations will take effect and as such your Terms & Conditions remain extant.

Eamon Keating

National Chairman

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