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TACOS Ballot – Your Vote

By DPF Admin30th November 2015August 6th, 2019Area Updates, Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

All members,

Regardless of your feelings on the TACOS issue or your belief that your vote does or doesn’t count, let me be clear with you.


It is essential that, which ever position we proffer to the Department and Force, or possibly later – the courts, that we do it with a strong mandate from our members.  That requires you to vote and as such I am pleading with you to cast a vote here:

A failure to vote is not just apathy, it will fundamentally undermine our ability to make representations on your behalf, as it will be seen by the official side as an under represented position.  

We can make all of the arguments we want, we can say that those that did not vote were abstaining, but in the long run, it will be seen as a failure of our members to identify their position.

Do not rush into it, do not make a rash decision, ask questions, post comments, but please before Monday the 7th December at 1200 place your vote.

Eamon Keating

National Chairman

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