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Welcome to the Defence Police Federation

The aim of this, the official website of the Defence Police Federation is to enable you to gain insight and information about the Federation and the services that it provides for its members. The site offers an ideal opportunity to learn more about the Federation, its history, its objectives and the way that it is run. You can register with the site to receive regular updates by email that will keep you informed of topical issues. We hope that you find the site useful and informative. If you do, be sure to bookmark us so that you can enjoy a quick and trouble free return.

About DPF

The Defence Police Federation is the staff association of the Ministry of Defence Police which represents the men and women who provide a specialist policing service to the Ministry of Defence.

The Federation aims to do for its members what trades unions seek to do for theirs – that is to safeguard their interests and represent them in all matters concerning their work, and their well being and quality of life while at work. Like a trades union, the Federation negotiates with the official side on all matters concerning its membership’s conditions of service. These include pay & allowances, hours of duty, annual leave, pensions and many others.

But there are important differences. Unlike a trades union;

  • The DPF is managed and run entirely by serving police officers for serving police officers;
  • The DPF is completely independent. It has no political affiliations or associations with any outside body;
  • The DPF has no powers to call for any form of industrial action i.e. A withdrawal of labour (Strike)

The Federation’s unique status was established by Act of Parliament – The Ministry of Defence Police Act 1987, and its regulations are laid down in a statutory instrument.

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Annual Conference

Any member of the Defence Police Federation is entitled to attend the Annual Conference as a guest at their own expense; however they shall have no voting rights.

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