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Contact Details

The Defence Police Federation can be contacted at the following address:

DPF Unit 131
China Works
Black Prince Road

Tel: 0203 176 6509 / 6511 / 6512

For press enquiries

Please contact Royston Martis of Martis Media:


I am a new Recruit, when can I join the Federation?

While you are at your training establishment, a representative of the Defence Police Federation (DPF) will attend to give a presentation on the benefits of the Federation. Membership applications can be completed online via the Federation website. On completion of the application you will immediately become a member of the DPF with full Federation entitlements. Joining the Federation as a recruit could be one of the wisest decisions you ever make during your career in the Force. There is a DPF Branch Representative at MDP Headquarters to assist you whilst you are training. Please ask if you need assistance of any kind or alternatively contact DPF Head Office on 0203 176 6509 /

How do I go about joining the Federation?

This is easy. All you have to do is fill in the online application form found via the DPF website home page. The completed online form will then be sent to DPF Head Office, where it will be processed and passed on to the DBS Pay Team. They will then begin deducting the subscriptions from your monthly salary.

What is the cost of the monthly subscription?

The subscription rate at present is £19.62 per month. Subscription rates are reviewed at the DPF Annual Conference.

I am on Long Term Sick; do I still have to pay my subscription?

If you are not in receipt of a “salary on the grounds of ill health” DPF Rules & Constitution. Rule 23 (b), please contact your Area Secretary or DPF Head Office if you are unsure who this is. You will then need to complete a Repayment of Subscriptions online form via the DPF website, which will be submitted online to DPF Head Office. Once this form has been processed, you will be reimbursed for any subscriptions paid since your salary ceased.

Whilst on LTS you are still classified as a Federation member with full entitlements. When you return to work, please check your payslip to ensure your DPF subscriptions have been re-started; if not, simply complete a membership application on the DPF website, which will be submitted to DPF Head Office online.

I am taking a career break, what happens when I return to work?

Your Federation subscriptions will have stopped with your pay. (Any matters that may have been outstanding before your Career Break, will of course be dealt with by the Federation, in accordance with the DPF Rules & Constitution). When you return to work, simply complete a membership application online which will be submitted to DPF Head Office; your membership benefits will be reinstated once your application is processed.

I have left the Federation but now wish to rejoin?

If you have been out of the Federation you can apply to re-join by completing the online form on the DPF website. Your details will be forwarded to your Branch Representative and Area Secretary, together with a declaration made by you, that you have no disciplinary matters outstanding, and that the Federation will not be held financially responsible for any matters that come to light during your period of absence from the Federation. The facts will be placed before the NEC for their approval. On acceptance, your application will be processed and your membership benefits will be reinstated.

My Next of Kin has changed from my initial membership application, how do I change the details?

A next of kin can be any person of your choosing, and you can change your nominee at any time. Please complete the relevant online form (Change of Nominee for Death in Service Benefit) which will be submitted to DPF Head Office. Please note that the Force does not inform the Federation of changes in circumstance that may affect an Officer’s Next of Kin. It is your responsibility to inform the DPF of any changes to your personal details.

My personal details have changed, how do I update my Federation records?

Please log in to update your details online. This is a very simple and straightforward process. If, however, you have any problems please contact DPF Head Office on 0203 176 6509 /

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