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Annual General Meeting and Reunion 2016





The meeting was opened at 1010am by the Chairman Dave Rogers MBE who was pleased to welcome everyone to the ROA 30th Reunion at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel, Chatham with 69

members and guests in attendance including the MDP Deputy Chief Constable Andy Adams QPM, and Theresa Adams, Eamon  Keating DPF National Chairman and Elaine Keating, also the MDPROA Liaison Officer, Superintendent Sandy Stewart and  Linda Stewart.

The Chairman regretted that the Chief Constable was unable to be with us this year but that his shoes had been ably filled by Deputy Chief Constable Andy Adams.  He went on to say that at the 26 September the membership of the ROA stood at 621 with 12 of those members living abroad. Although our reunion is reduced in numbers a little more than usual this year, he is impressed that in receiving apologies, those members who could not make it have expressed genuine disappointment and have sent good wishes for a great weekend.  It is very warming to confirm that our former colleagues and their families enjoy and value the friendship of the Association so much.  Dave went on to say that the ROA currently enjoys an excellent relationship with both the Force and the DPF.  When she retired, the loss of Angela Harney as our Liaison Officer came as a bit of blow, but that gap has now been enthusiastically filled by Superintendent Sandy Stewart and we look forward to a long and satisfactory relationship with him.

The Chairman pointed out that the ROA has to rely heavily on the good offices of others in order to exist and function as we do. In this regard we very much appreciate the assistance we receive from Wethersfield and from the DPF.  This means that we regularly get our copies of Talk Through magazine when they are issued and our web site is kept up to date.  Furthermore, we have been provided by Thompsons Solicitors with office accommodation in London for our committee meetings for which we are extremely grateful.

During the year the MDPROA has been represented at the CSPS Pensions conference, The DPF conference, and at Passing-Out Ceremonies at Wethersfield and on each occasion have received a very warm welcome.  It is good to note that our members are continuing to enjoy the few special concessions we have been able to provide for them.  Members should also be aware of the many legal services available to them at the same concessionary rates as DPF members if required.

In the absence of Sue and Peter Parkes this year, the raffle will be operated and run by Judy and Bill Duncan.  We are also lucky to have with us Peter Haddock who has kindly offered to provide a conducted tour of the former Chatham Dockyard on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, an event not to be missed.

Sadly during this year 11 members have passed away.

This completed his report and the Chairman then called for a minutes silence as a mark of respect for those of our members who have passed on.


Apologies were received from CCMDP Alf Hitchcock and Helen Hitchcock: Peter and Sue Parkes: David and Gwen King: Geoff Heal: Lionel Roslyn: Albert Scales: Jonny Johnstone: Dick Rowe: Trevor Thomas: Steve Love: Mary Appleby: Angela and Ron Harney: Andy and Annie Burnside: Nick and Margaret Carter.

Minutes of the last AGM – 10 October 2015

A copy of the minutes is held on file, and a report of the proceedings of the last meeting had been posted on the ROA website by the Secretary.  The Chairman called for acceptance of the report and minutes.  This was proposed by Jack Aspinall, seconded by Roger Conner and carried.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Patron’s Address

The Patron, Jack Aspinall QPM, then gave a short address saying that it was very pleasing to see everyone once again and appearing to be in good health.  He reflected on the work of the ROA committee congratulating them on all of their efforts on behalf of our retired comrades and for arranging this very important, once a year, get-together.  He hoped that everyone would have a great weekend.

Secretary’s Report

In the absence of the Secretary due to ill health from which he is currently recovering, the Chairman presented the report in which David King apologised for not being present at the AGM but was pleased to note that the ROA continues to gain new members and that hopefully, that trend will carry on in the years ahead.  He then went on to report that in the last 12 months he had dealt with some routine enquires covering a variety of subjects, but nothing too onerous.

The most recent enquiry concerned back money owed to recently retired members following the pay settlement.  It would appear through our Liaison Officer that serving officers are now being paid and that retired officers should be receiving any outstanding money owed and their pension adjusted accordingly. Unfortunately the system is somewhat complex but should be resolved as soon as possible.

The committee has met 3 times since the last reunion and as reported last year all meetings are held in Central London courtesy of Thompson Solicitors at no cost to the ROA.  We would like it placed on record our appreciation to Thompsons and in particular to Solicitor, Doug Christie.

The agreement earlier in the year to change the format of the newsletter to an A5 size, professionally printed and issued twice a year has not yet materialised but is a work in progress. Currently, any important news is posted on the ROA website and our thanks go to the DPF staff that assists us in this regard.

The basic state pension rose by 2.9% in line with the government’s triple-lock arrangement.  Recently there has been speculation about the government’s commitment to this mechanism, there being a body of opinion that it has served its purpose and should be ditched.  The government has indicated that it currently has no intention to change this provision but, because triple-lock is not set down in legislation, it will be up for review after the next general election.  There was no increase in the Civil Service Pension as the Consumer Price Index figure for September 2015 upon which the following year’s increase is based, was zero 0.1%.  The CPI index for August 2016, stood at 0.6% and September’s index will be announced shortly.  Any increase will apply from April 2017.

That completed the Secretary’s report and the Chairman said that he hoped that David would continue to make good progress after his operation and would soon return to the fold.  The meeting wholeheartedly concurred.

Treasurer’s Report

In presenting his written report, Eric Fautley gave a resume of the income/expenditure providing the audited accounts for the year showing a balance of the account to be £28,792.

Regarding the future AGM/Reunions, He explained that the profit made by Airedale the arranging company was excessive putting the cost to the ROA members higher than it should be.  Eric stated that these problems were in the process of being sorted and that it was unlikely we would be using Airedale Tours in the future.

A vote for the Accounts was proposed by Mick Bone, seconded by Roger Connor and carried. (copy kept on file)

Location and date of the next AGM/Reunion

The Chairman said that the committee on behalf of the membership and in the absence of other suggestions had opted to locate the next reunion at the Mayfair Hotel in Bournemouth from Friday 13 to Monday 16 October 2017.  Other hotels in the area have been considered but it is thought that the Mayfair best meets with our requirements and is extremely anxious to be of service to the ROA.  He went on to explain, and asked the members to accept, a change in the circumstances of our long standing arrangements with Airedale Tours. He pointed out that the changes being proposed would almost certainly provide a similar package with much better value for money to the ROA membership.  Following further discussion, it was agreed that the proposed changes should go ahead.

Election of Officers

With the loss from the committee of Sue and Peter Parkes because of Peter’s ongoing ill health, and with the Vice Chairman Lionel Roslyn not wishing to continue there now existed three vacancies on the committee.  The Chairman asked the members to elect the remaining committee members – all who have indicated their willingness to stand – to their current positions ‘en bloc.’  This was proposed by George Hamlin, seconded by Harry Norwood and carried.

Roger Connor was elected on the proposal of Dave Rogers, seconded by Mick Bone

Ken Hicks was elected on the proposal of Richard Prior, seconded by Paul Taylor.

Bill Duncan was elected on the proposal of Jon Barber, seconded by Ben Round.

The committee for the next twelve months are as follows:

Chairman                    Dave Rogers MBE

Secretary                    David King

Treasurer                    Eric Fautley

Asst. Sec.                   Bill Duncan

Members                     John Barber

Chris McComb

Geoff Heal

Roger Connor

Ken Hicks

There being no other business the Chairman closed the meeting and invited the Deputy Chief Constable to address the members.

Address by DCC

The Deputy Chief Constable Andy Adams addressed the meeting giving an overview of his first twelve months as DCC of the MDP.  He now had a very clear picture of the Force capabilities and was extremely impressed at what we do and consequently proud to be serving as Deputy.  He was not yet quite so clear on how the MOD and Civil Service worked but no doubt that would come, eventually.  A move of Police Headquarters from Wethersfield to another location had not been finalised and there were still thoughts on whether the move would take place at all.  He completed his address saying that the Force was very highly thought of within the MOD and that he could see nothing but good things ahead and that the future was extremely bright.  He then went on to host a very interesting and informative Question and Answer session.

Address by DPF Chairman

DPF Chairman, Eamon Keating was invited to address the meeting and gave his usual very informative views of the future of the Force and re-iterated the comments of the Deputy saying there could be no doubt that it would continue to exist, though not necessarily in its present form.  The amalgamation of the non-Home Office Forces is still very much on the cards and will depend on Government strategy.  Any amalgamation will be extremely complex and could obviously end with the annihilation of the Defence Police Federation.

Eamon finished by thanking the Chairman for inviting him to the reunion.  The Chairman responded with the thanks of the ROA.

Annual General Meeting and Reunion 2015 Photo Gallery

Committee Information for Year 2015/16:

Chairman: Dave Rogers MBE

Secretary: David King

Vice Chair: Lionel Roslyn

Treasurer: Eric Fautley

Assistant Secretary: Peter Parkes

Committee: John Barber, Geoff Heal, Chris McComb and Susan Parkes

Force Liaison Officer: Supt Sandy Stewart

From L to R: Geoff Heal, John Barber, Peter Parkes, Sue Parkes, Dave Rogers, Lionel Roslyn, Eric Fautley, Chris McComb, and David King

It should be noted that apart from the Newsletter that is normally circulated with ‘Talk Through’ the website is updated from time to time with additional news and information.

See for details.

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