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Legal Services

Legal Services

For access to free personal injury advice members can contact Thompsons Solicitors directly on 0800 587 7520 .

All basic free Wills are member generated by clicking through the web link below.

Once the Will is complete a member can print it off with instructions on how to execute.

If the Will is too complex, then it will be referred to a team member of BBH Legal Services to draft a bespoke Will which will then be a payable service.

It is vital that members click through using the link below. If you copy and paste the link it may not work.

For any complex Wills that are not appropriate for the free online service (fee generated) contact can also be made as below:

Telephone: 0151 326 2340 via Email:

Annual Conference

Any member of the Defence Police Federation is entitled to attend the Annual Conference as a guest at their own expense; however they shall have no voting rights.

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