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Conduct & Performance

The regulations allow for an officer / member to be represented by a colleague during an investigation into either a conduct or performance matter. The Federation has a number of ‘Accredited Friends’ with a wealth of knowledge and experience of these matters to represent the members.  The role of the Friend is to advise and assist the member under investigation throughout the process. The Federation organises seminars and training courses to ensure that these Friends provide the best possible support to its members. As a result, a member is able to obtain the best possible representation at a hearing from someone who has been fully trained and accredited to deal with such matters.

An individual may first become aware of an investigation by the Professional Standards Department (PSD) when they are served with a Regulation 16 (Conduct) or a Regulation 12 (Performance) Notice. This is basically notification that an investigation is being conducted and does not necessarily mean that they will be subject to formal procedures.

If a member is served with a Regulation 16 or 12 Notice they should contact their Area Secretary who will ask them to complete a Personal Assistance Request Form (PAR1) online and appoint a Friend to represent them. The Friend will then assist with the response to the notice which must be submitted within 10 working days thus it is imperative that you contact the Area Secretary as soon as practicably possible after receipt.

In more serious cases where the Federation has agreed to provide a solicitor, the costs will be met by the Federation. The Federation will not normally provide legal representation where a member chooses to appoint their own representative without agreement from the National Executive Committee of the Federation and will not meet the costs of legal advice sought privately, out-with the Rules and Constitution of the Defence Police Federation.

These will include where the issue concerned is identified by the PSD as being serious enough to warrant a formal Stage 3 hearing or in cases of a Criminal nature.

Annual Conference

Any member of the Defence Police Federation is entitled to attend the Annual Conference as a guest at their own expense; however they shall have no voting rights.

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