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Defence Police Federation
Communications Strategy

This document supplements the policies stated in the DPF Rule Book, the Branch Representatives Guide and the DPF Manual of Guidance. All these references may be found on the DPF website.

The primary source of communication with our members is the DPF website; which members may access via a secure password.

The website also contains, circulars, guides and current policing news together with the contact details of Branch Representatives, NEC Portfolio Leads and DPF Accredited Friends.

The NEC will from time to time gauge the feeling and opinion of members using the website online ballot facility.

It is the responsibility of HQ staff to populate this site. It is the member’s responsibility to keep themselves informed.

Communications works two ways and members are encouraged to bring any item of interest to the attention of Head Office.

It is the responsibility of the National Officers only to represent the Federation point of view to the press and to parliament. All enquiries from the press must be referred to DPF HQ Tel: 0203 176 6509 or Royston Martis via Email:

The Memorandum of Agreement, together with Policies, Rules and Guidance details our agreement with the Department, and Force, on internal Force and Departmental communications. It is the policy of this Federation that all issues should be raised first with the line management chain and only progressed further once this has been exhausted.

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