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Police Treatment Centres

By DPF Admin20th September 2013Circulars, Latest News

Members are advised that that the National Officers have succeeded in securing our retention within the Police Treatment Centres but, unfortunately, a ‘glitch’ has arisen with regards to introducing Direct Debit as a means of contributing to this worthwhile scheme.

There are many reasons why officers choose not to make these regular contributions; financial pressures and people thinking “it will never happen to me” are comments regularly reported. It has also been stated that childcare issues are preventive but there are cottages available for use by families and these are available for periods of one week. At St Andrews there is also an arrangement with a local nursery to provide childcare.

It is hoped that a recruitment campaign specific to MDP will encourage new donors to join but this will not proceed until the Direct Debit facility is in place. In light of proposals to introduce serving officer fitness tests and a potential for discharge through incapacity caused by injury or ill health, it is now, more than ever before, essential that you are fit and well, and able to do your job. As there is a 12 month qualifying period before you are able to access free treatment you are advised to join as soon as practicably possible rather than awaiting occurrence of an injury.

Until such times as the issue is finally resolved, members should continue to join by means of the South West Giving application which is the MoD recognised process for donating to charities. We are aware of the difficulties being encountered by members attempting to utilise this process but there is no other way of making contributions until a solution is found.

Members looking to donate should contact their respective Area Secretary of Support Officer directly or, alternatively contact DPF Head Office.

John Regan
General Secretary

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