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Appointment of Area Secretary South

By DPF Admin25th June 2020March 5th, 2024Circulars, Latest News

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Circular 23/20

25th June 2020

A vacancy exists for the position of Area Secretary South of the Defence Police Federation.

The Southern Area Secretary is a full-time position, and any member of the DPF who can demonstrate the required level of competency may apply, regardless of rank or previous federation experience.  The role requires the post holder to work within the Southern Area during normal office hours, Monday to Friday, notwithstanding the requirement to attend meetings at other locations as necessary. The Southern Region covers an area south of Wyton/Alconbury, and only those who are in Southern area can apply.

Other allowances and enhancements will depend on the personal circumstances of the successful applicant, subject to agreement with DBS and in line with the appropriate MOD policy, rules and guidance. A performance-based Honoraria is also available.

Area Secretaries liaise and maintain a good working relationship with the relevant local MDP Management and Senior Police Officers (SPO), Operational Commanders, Force Welfare Officer, Health & Safety Representatives and Station Branch Representatives.

Enable and maintain an immediate and present point of contact, ensuring that a fluid and relevant consideration of Federation/Force issues are dealt with at the necessary and relevant level, not at the strategic level between National Officers and the Chief Officer Group. This will therefore contribute to the effective and constructive consultation and negotiation processes.

To be responsible for the administration of all Area level matters in the DPF deemed to be within your area of responsibility by the National Executive Committee.

The Area Secretary is an ex offico member of the National Executive Committee (NEC), but without any voting rights.

As such, and in accordance with the rules and constitution of the Federation, the NEC is responsible for the appointment of the Area Secretary. The NEC reserves the right to only interview those candidates who have evidenced the necessary competencies in their initial application.

A Job Profile outlining these requirements is attached and can be found at:

Interviews will be primarily competency based and be conducted by a panel of the two National officers and one independent member.

A letter of interest evidencing the required skills, together with a CV, must be returned to DPF Head Office no later than 9 July 2020. General Secretary | Defence Police Federation | Unit 131 China Works, Black Prince Road | London, SE1 7SJ or email

Applicants selected for interview will be subsequently notified of the date and location of their interview.

Terms: Voluntary – no support 

General Secretary

Mitch Batt

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