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Article ref. MDP (The Independent)

By DPF Admin5th February 2016March 4th, 2024Area Updates, Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

Circular 16/16

I am writing to you, following the publication of a report in this morning’s issue of The Independent. Many of you may have seen this article, but it can be accessed via the link below:

The article is based on a report by the MoD Police Committee, which was made available on the Department’s website two days ago, despite it being published in July last year. It highlights the significant and excessive demands on MDP officers, but also suggests that these demands could affect the security of establishments and assets.

The Federation is urgently following up on this article with both journalist contacts and parliamentary supporters.

The conclusions of the MoD Police Committee, reported in The Independent, correctly highlight the continued demands on officers, and we are highlighting in our communication with supporters, that these are based on senior decision making, with officers continuing to work with great skill and professionalism – and that such conclusions should not serve as any pretext to potentially reduce security by supplementing or replacing MDP officers with less well trained personnel.

We will of course continue to keep you informed.

Eamon Keating

National Chairman

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