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DPF and Loughborough University Age and Gender Study

By DPF Admin18th October 2019March 5th, 2024Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

To All Members
17th October 2019
Circular 29/19

Due to the issues we have around our pension ages the DPF have commissioned Loughborough University to carry out a study in relation to the effects of Age and Gender on Fitness.

Please watch the attached short film which gives an overview of what we are trying to achieve. Please share with as many of your colleagues as possible.

The data collected should give the DPF scientific evidence that our retirement age needs to be related to the levels of fitness required for our roles and as such reduce in real terms because of the direct impact of age on a person’s fitness level.

In order to get this data, we need everyone of all ages to engage with the university study. The study will be anonymous with only age and gender data used in the report, there will be no other personal details published at the end of the study.  This study is open to members and non members alike, but to engage you must be a serving officer in the MDP.

Participants must complete the online survey which can be found on the DPF website ASAP, or using the link below. We would ask that once you have completed the study, contact is made with DPF HQ, who can load you onto a fitness database, where your preferred location and date can be logged.

Survey link:

The Loughborough Team and DPF will use this information to allocate a location and time for the study to be carried out.

DPF HQ will then give you a time to attend, which will negate you waiting on the day.

The Force has kindly agreed to assist in releasing as many officers as possible whilst on duty without impacting on a Stations Operational Capability.

If officers are not on duty on the dates in your area, we would encourage that you make yourselves available for the duration of the study (approx. 90 mins) and the DPF will cover any reasonable T&S costs incurred.

The team intend to carry out tests on the following dates and locations:

13 & 14 November              –           Menwith Hill

27 November                       –           Portsmouth

3 & 4 December                   –           Wethersfield

9, 10 & 11 December          –           Clyde & Coulport

16 & 17 December              –           AWE Rec Off Site Facility

January 2020 TBC               –           Fairford

Your participation is essential, your co-operation will have a direct impact on the DPF being able to challenge the Pension Age on behalf of you and your colleagues.


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