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Elections to the DPF National Executive Committee

By DPF Admin10th March 2023March 11th, 2024Circulars, Latest News

To All Members

Circular 08/23

At the Defence Police Federation Annual Conference, scheduled for June 2023, there will be elections to the National Executive Committee.

Currently, there is one anticipated vacancy for the Northern Area and one anticipated vacancy for the Southern Area.

The successful candidates in the elections for both the Northern and Southern Areas will have a 3-year tenure of office commencing at the Annual Conference 2023 and ending in June 2026.

The eligibility criteria for election to the National Executive Committee are laid out in Rule 9 (a) of the DPF Rules & Constitution (2021 version) which states.

Rule 9 (a):

Unless otherwise resolved by Annual Conference for that year, to stand for election to the National Executive Committee a member must:

  • Be fully paid up and have at least three years unbroken membership at the time of nomination: and
  • Have served at least three years membership as a Branch Representative.

Should any DPF member who meets the qualifying criteria wish to stand for election please contact either:

  • the Chairman of CASOC (Conference Arrangements & Standing Orders Committee) – using the following e-mail address –


to request a formal Nomination Form and confirming that you meet the eligibility criteria.

There are strict deadlines to follow with regard to the election process and all requests for Nomination Forms must be received by the Chairman of CASOC or by DPF HQ no later than 1700hrs on March 31st 2023.

Any prospective candidate will then have until 1700hrs on May 12th 2023 to submit the required Nomination Form and a short Federation career biography (maximum of 500 words).

As the Defence Police Federation Annual Conference is being held by “virtual” means, voting for all the vacancies will take place in a manner that will be advertised in due course. Voting for the vacancies on the National Executive Committee is restricted to Branch Representatives who attend the Annual Conference.

Should anyone have any questions regarding this matter please contact either the Chairman of CASOC or your respective the Area Secretary.

This is your opportunity to be at the very heart of Defence Police Federation policy making where you will be dealing directly with the biggest issues that face the Federation and its membership. YOU can make a difference.


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