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Force Vacancy List

By DPF Admin9th August 2013March 4th, 2024Circulars

DPF head office has received a number of enquiries from members (especially DSG officers) regarding the release of the Force Vacancy list and stating that they have received conflicting information.

The provisional list has now been published on the Force and Dii intranet but the Workforce Planning Team have placed a heavy caveat on this information as it is likely to change given exits from the Force; and the list will be added to at the end of the Post Mapping phase.

We appreciate this is a very challenging time for members and their families and that you are keen to make informed decisions about where you are likely to be serving in the future but the provisional vacancy list should only be used as a guide at this stage. Upon conclusion of Post Mapping, a definitive and final list will be provided for surplus officers to complete their Officer Placement forms indicating their preferences.

It is hoped that this information – albeit limited – assists you with your initial decision making and clarifies the current position. It is difficult to provide precise details on vacancies at this time as some matters (retirements, resignations etc.) have yet to be formalised and concluded.

John Regan
General Secretary

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