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Increase to DPF Subscriptions

By DPF Admin6th December 2016March 5th, 2024Area Updates, Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

Dear Colleagues

Circular 71/16

Members are advised that, as a result of the motion carried at conference in 2016, the monthly subscription for the DPF will be increasing to £17.75.

This is in effect 1% of a pay point 1 constable, rounded down and will remain linked to this position, restoring the long established principle of future increases being directly linked to our pay.

The DPF have not raised subscriptions for over 5 years, as during that time we had been in negotiation on pay and allowances, and we did not feel it was correct to do so.

During this period, and as a result of the decreasing size of our force, our subscribing membership, and the income we receive from subscriptions, our funding has reduced by nearly 50%.

We have completely re-organised the structure of the DPF to minimise costs but some of our costs have obviously increased substantially in that period and we have effectively utilised our investments to offset the increase until TACOS was completed. It is, however, vitally important that we protect our investments for when they are required, and the significant cost of our ongoing legal challenge over the attack on our pensions, our legal challenge on the Holiday Pay issue, and our continuing challenge to MoD’s proposal to introduce a 42 hour week for some are examples of this.

The DPF is totally reliant on membership subscriptions to provide our services, including, but not limited to, free legal representation if you are faced with criminal proceedings on or off duty, legal representation and advice at disciplinary hearings and employment tribunals, help with civil and industrial injury claims, welfare advice, assistance with grievance procedures, advice if suffering sexual, racial or other discriminatory harassment in the workplace and support with the formal process, UPP, IHR and subsequent appeals.

Members also benefit from full PFOA membership, which would cost each member £4 per month if they were applying individually.

Whilst you may not personally have used any of these services, chances are that you will know at least one officer who has had to, and in some cases you only need to use our services once to more than cover any subscriptions you may pay over your entire service. This is the real strength of our subscription system, supporting colleagues who in turn, will support you if the need arises.

Clearly we need to work within our income and this sub increase will allow us to do that and maintain the cover we give members.

You are still able to claim Tax Relief from your subscriptions, at the rate applicable to your tax code, giving you a minimum of 20p in the pound back, reducing the overall cost.

Eamon Keating

National Chairman

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