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Legal Action on Pension Issues – New Joiners & Re-Joiners

By DPF Admin27th July 2016March 4th, 2024Area Updates, Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

To All Non – Members

Circular 44/16

The DPF has launched its survey, inviting eligible members to register and be included in an action to establish their pension age, at that which it was on entrance into the Force, and if possible, to return officers to their original pension scheme.

New members and re-joiners are excluded from cover for issues that predate their membership to the DPF, but in relation to this area only, we are willing to allow new membership, for this one purpose only, to commence immediately and allow those new members to register.  To do this, however, new members will need to pay £100 and re-joiners that trigger the six month back sub amount, will need to pay that plus the £100 to be included in the legal action.

This amount is significantly less than it will cost per member, but is seen as a token towards being included in this specific action, which will predate your membership, as membership funds will be used to finance this action.

If you wish to take part in this, and have the Federation legally represent you in these actions then please advise DPF HQ at and we will expedite your application, allowing you to register for the claim.

Any normal applications that do not wish to be included will be actioned in the normal manner at the next NEC in September, but those members will not be allowed to join the action on the Pension challenges.

Eamon Keating

National Chairman

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