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Membership Poll on PFOA membership

By DPF Admin21st May 2014Circulars, Latest News

Over the past few years, the DPF have managed to keep membership subscriptions at the same level.

During this time we have also been able to increase the value of your subscriptions by increasing services like the legal cover we offer, now covering criminal cases and issues which occur ‘off duty’.

This year, due to the pay increase, we should raise subscriptions, however we are looking to approach Annual Conference with two propositions. 

The first is to keep the subscription at the same level as currently taken and the second is to give each DPF member full membership of the Police Firearms Officers Association.

It is mine and Mark Williams’ (CEO of the PFOA) opinion that the Federation and the PFOA compliment each other and bridge gaps in service provision for each association.

We have negotiated a price with the PFOA and would look to take this from our investments, meaning that this would not directly impact on the individual or on our subscription costs.

As long as our investments continue to generate a profit, this will be capable of being managed without impact on subscription costs.  We have examined whether or not the product provided by the PFOA could be given to members on an ad-hoc basis, but this is not manageable.

We would ask that, before we debate this opportunity at Annual Conference this year you visit the PFOA website and then complete the poll below.

Thank you for your time and for letting us know your thoughts.

Eamon Keating

National Chairman

Defence Police Federation


This poll has now closed.  The result is below.  Please see the following article.

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