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#MensHealthWeek Importance of Officers Looking After their Health and Fitness

By DPF Admin18th June 2021June 21st, 2021Circulars, Latest News

To mark Men’s Health Week, a Federation Rep is encouraging officers to sign up to the DOfit course to improve their health and fitness.

Defence Operational Fitness (DOfit) programmes are being rolled out across the country for both male and female police officers. Trainers work in small groups with officers to increase general wellbeing and fitness and help them pass higher fitness tests.

PC Mick Reynolds, a member of the Federation’s National Executive Committee, attended a DOfit course in Portsmouth last week.

Mick said: “The course showed me different ways to use fitness to my benefit – new techniques, different ways of working out, stretching and relaxing. It’s given me ideas of how I can get fit, rather than just going down the gym all the time.

“It also opened my mind to healthy eating and nutrition, and it encouraged a positive outlook – it’s something to work towards.

“It’s not just: do the course and forget about it. There’s a six-week workshop, a 12-week workshop, and the course lasts for a year in total.”

Each group has a mentor, and students keep in contact with each other and their DOfit trainer via WhatsApp, so they can encourage one another and work towards their goals.

Mick said the course didn’t “hammer home” the police fitness test, but rather helped participants think differently about their fitness.

He said: “This sets me up now for the rest of my career. I’ve got a few years left in my career, but I’m looking towards retirement as well, and hopefully I can get there fitter and healthier.

“The course was supportive and showed me a lot of stuff I can do at home, in my back garden.

“You’re working to your own pace, to an extent – there are hard workouts on the course, but they are enjoyable. You have fun. I’d encourage anybody to do it. Anybody who wants to re-engage with getting fit, wants to find out different ways that can be achieved, it’s a good course.”

Officers can get in touch with their local Federation Rep to find out where their nearest course is.

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