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Pensions Report

By DPF Admin11th November 2013March 4th, 2024Circulars, Latest News

Further to previous correspondence, we have been informed by the MOD that we are unlikely to have feedback on or sight of the Department’s report on MDP pensions until next week.

We will of course keep members fully informed as to the situation and, as per our previous correspondence, will issue the delayed November newsletter as soon as we’ve reviewed the report in order to provide members with a comprehensive briefing. We will also be making a document available to members that will advise as to how to contact your local MP, and will include a template letter for this purpose. We would also like to take the opportunity to remind members that details of our strategy for engaging with the MOD report will require a degree of confidentiality, and consequently these materials will be available on a password section of the DPF website. We would encourage any members yet to do so to register on the site.

We understand that some members may be reluctant to register with the DPF website, but it genuinely gives us the fastest and most informative way of keeping you all updated.  The website offers us a medium of communication, that can be accessed from work terminals, which is immediately accessible and ensures you get the information at the same time we do.  Please take the short time necessary to register and also ensure you receive the automated weekly updates which are available to your personal or work email addresses.


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