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Poll on VSA Change at AWE Sites – part 2

By DPF Admin19th September 2014March 4th, 2024Area Updates, Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

As stated in part 1 of this poll, there is a move to review the shift patterns at AWE and at this time it appears that the Force would prefer an 8 hour system.

The DPF will continue to represent its members vigorously over this and would welcome further indicative information on how this change would affect members.

If you are an AWE officer please complete the poll below.  We will keep you informed of any move or change through this website.

We will continue to gauge concerns and will also look to obtain members feelings in more detail shortly.

We would also invite comments on this issue, but must remind members that your identity is not hidden and would ask that you consider carefully your comments before posting, as we realise what a contentious issue this is.

Eamon Keating

National Chairman

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