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Radiological Protective Equipment Issues

By DPF Admin29th November 2013March 4th, 2024Circulars

To all AWE members

This circular is to inform members that as a result of my attendance at today’s strategic SHEP meeting, concerns which were previously unsubstantiated, have been more solidly exposed.

These concerns are in relation to the effectiveness of the equipment issued to you and the training and support provided regarding the use of this equipment, in order to protect you from radiological hazards.

As a result of this new information, I have made it clear to the Force that immediate action is required to ensure that either the equipment and training is brought up to the standard required by law; or the role of our officers is adjusted to ensure the risk is minimised until the former can be achieved.

Should this immediate action not be implemented, then this Federation will be left with no alternative than to contact the Health and Safety Executive, to request their assistance, in order to ensure your safety.

I realise the risk from this course of action and have thought this through thoroughly, but in all good conscious I cannot allow your safety to be put at risk any longer.

Eamon Keating
National Chairman

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