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Social Media Guidance for Civil Servants

By DPF Admin28th October 2014March 4th, 2024Area Updates, Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

To All Members

28th October 2014

Circular 37.14

Social Media Guidance for Civil Servants

The Cabinet Office has issued new social media guidance for civil servants (www), applicable to all those working in and for Defence, which makes it clear how you can embrace this opportunity and effectively work online.

The guidance covers the use of social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and digital activity in general; both in and out of work e.g., browsing websites, downloading, or anything we post or publish on the web. As such, as these ways of working become more common, it is important that we understand our responsibilities. 

The main points are summarised below:

Things to remember when using social and digital media, either at work, or in a personal capacity:- 

Common Sense:
Social media helps us work openly and connect with the citizens we serve – just remember to apply common sense!  

Adhere to the Code:
Adhere to the Civil Service Code (www) – apply the same standards online as are required offline, whether acting in an official or personal capacity. 

If in doubt, don’t post it. 

Check the accuracy and sensitivity of what you are posting before pressing submit. 

Remember once something is posted online it’s very difficult to remove it. 


John Regan  

General Secretary   

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