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The Times Article

By DPF Admin19th August 2016March 11th, 2024Area Updates, Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

Dear Members

Circular 49/16

As you may have seen, The Times has this morning reported that the MoD has been considering the removal of the MDP complement from Main Building. Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, the Federation cannot circulate the content of the article in full, but it can be found on page 14 of today’s newspaper or via the link below for members with a subscription to the newspaper.

The story is based on information provided to The Times from a source outside the MDP. As the journalist is a longstanding contact, the Federation is quoted in the article.

The Federation is aware the Department is continuing to consider a range of options with regards to security at establishments across the country. While The Times has been able to confirm that Main Building has been part of these considerations, no final decisions – which would be accompanied by formal notification of the Federation – have been taken. We are, however, encouraged by The Times’s positioning that any removal of MDP personnel from Main Building would be a poor choice on the part of the MoD.

As noted in the article, the Federation’s position is that any decision to remove MDP complements, whether at Main Building or at any other site, would be ill-considered, would increase the risk to that site and to the public, and would remove vital armed policing capacity without generating the savings envisaged by the Department. The Federation is continuing to make this case directly to MoD officials, while also briefing parliamentary supporters as appropriate.


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