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Universal Shift Pattern Further Update

By DPF Admin25th April 2018March 5th, 2024Area Updates, Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates

This circular is to inform members of the DPF of the current position with regards to the ongoing consultation concerning the proposal by the MDP senior management to change to a universal shift pattern across the Force.

Members will be aware that during the Terms and Conditions negotiations (TACOS) the CCMDP stipulated the requirement for him to have the authority to change the current shift patterns. However, the DPF had some provisions written into the agreement, which meant the CCMDP had to provide certain evidence before he would be able to enact change.

Since TACOS was agreed, the Force have carried out a number of workshops, asked different departments to give opinion on what a change would look like, and the affect it would have on its workforce.

The net result is the Force issued a consultation document on 5thFebruary 2018, which detailed the Forces desire to move to a universal shift pattern across the Force. The DPF sought the views of the membership which included an online survey (still open to those who have not taken part) and responded on the 8th March 2018 detailing the overall views of the membership.

It took the MDP 42 days to reply, and on doing so, only gave the DPF a week in which to make further comment. The DPF believe this to be highly unacceptable and as such engaged with our legal advisors. After receiving legal counsel, the DPF have written to our Minister detailing our concerns and informing him of the need for an extension of 28 days. Please click here to read the letter.

All relevant documents regarding the consultation process are available on the DPF website and can be found behind the password under ‘latest news’.

Once we receive a response from the Minister, we will inform the members of its content. Please keep a watch on our website and Twitter account for updates on this issue, follow @DefencePolFed.

Mitch Batt

General Secretary

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